About theLearnia

theLearnia is a free social educational network that allows millions of online students around the world to gain equal opportunity for education, learn while communicating together and share their knowledge.

For Students – theLearnia is an innovative online educational tool where students can learn with friends, practicing any learning skill, and choose the teachers who best suit their learning style. There are no overcrowded classes here—just fun and learning with teachers that they choose, each time they sign on.

For Teachers – theLearnia is a platform for any educator or parent to share their knowledge and special educational skills, inspiring millions of students to learn and offer their feedback on the lessons, creating a circle of learning through mutual sharing and creativity. This provides them with career satisfaction and the drive to create new ways to educate their students with every lesson they upload.

theLearnia is an unique educational hybrid of educational videos combined with the social media interaction that today’s students use and enjoy. It is powered by adaptive-LMS™ engine, a smart statistical algorithm that uses the wisdom of the crowd and analyzes students' learning curves to organize materials in a way that students can find relevant lessons and help them to explore new content related to their skills..