How to create a Lesson in 1 Click

One of the great features of the site is that there are many ways to create new lessons.

We encourage you to invent new ideas when it comes to creating lessons, as creative teaching is the focal point of this site. In this section, we will help to guide you through the steps that will make lesson creation a fun and exciting experience.

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English - User Manual For using WhiteBoard

Hebrew - User Manual For using WhiteBoard

Useful tips

• We recommend that you prepare your own presentation before starting with the capturing process. Otherwise, you can download other teachers' presentations from the Web site (please respect the copyright of the presentation creator by giving him/her credit of his/her work and mentioning his/her name at the beginning of the lesson, such as:"This presentation was originally created by… thank you for creating it”)

• Speak clearly and slowly to the microphone. Avoid using a flat monotone that will bore your viewers. Important points during the lesson should be highlighted using different intonations of your voice. You may want to repeat important things and tell your viewers that the points you stress will be on their next exam.

• Each video you make should have an introductory slide that tells the student the material that you are going to cover during that lesson. At the end of the lesson, include all the important points in a summary slide to review them.

• An effective lesson is between 5-15 minutes long. Remember, children do not have long attention spans and if your video is longer than that, they will lose interest. If your video is over fifteen minutes long, split into two parts and upload them both under the same subject heading.

• In order to gain experience in creating these videos, you must practice every day. Even the best teacher is under pressure when he/she is recording something that others will hear and watch. Once you get the hang of it, you will be recording lessons like a pro. Remember to take breaks and use the pause button if you need to.

Here at theLearnia, we invite you to share your knowledge and experience with the thousands of students who are out there waiting for instruction. The learning begins with you, and the time to share your knowledge is now.