How to manage your lessons

This function is only available for those who registered as teachers.

  • Press the "My Lessons" tab located at the vertical menu on the left
  • If you upload movies or link them from YouTube, you'll find a list of those movies sorted either by "Recently updated" or "Status"
  • You can filter your lessons by choosing "class" and "category" and the status (published, unpublished, etc.)
  • For each published lesson, you have the option to "Edit" or "Unpublish".
    • Edit – you'll be able to edit the subject and all metadata including the relevant grades, but  you will not be able  to edit the video loaded
    • Unpublish – Teachers have the ability to unpublish their links or originally created video. Once unpublished, the link or video will be removed from the content library but will not be deleted from the server. Only you as the content creator will be able to see this movie and will be able to publish it again by clicking the "publish" button