Our policy for students 13 and under

Childe-student under 13 and parental consent

theLearnia Collects personal information from Children through this Website: Parental Consent is Required

theLearnia invites participation by anyone older than six. Since we will collect personal information from child Students just as we do from all our other Students and Teachers, we require verifiable parental consent before any child under the age of 13 can complete his or her registration as a Student or Teacher on theLearnia.

When a child under the age of 13 begins the registration process, he or she will be automatically directed to obtain the written consent of her/his parent (or legal guardian; for simplicity, the term “parent” as used in this Privacy Policy includes “guardian”) and our Website will automatically display the information necessary for his/her parent to transmit the necessary consent to us. As part of the parent’s giving of consent, this Privacy Policy will be made available to the parent.

In each case of registration by a child under 13, theLearnia will verify parental consent before collecting any personal information from the child, except that we may collect only the child's name and online contact information for the sole purpose of: (1) obtaining parental consent or notifying parents; (2) responding directly on a one-time basis to the child's specific request; (3) responding more than once to the child's specific request along with providing parental notice of such use; (4) protecting the safety of the child; or (5) complying with requirements imposed by applicable law.

For further information on theLearnia’s policy regarding the collection of personal information from children under 13, please visit our Notice Regarding Children’s personal information Collection.