What Information Is Collected on this Website and How is it Used?

How we use your personal information

We collect two kinds of personal information on this Website: 

Private Data

Your email address, your password for theLearnia, your mobile phone number, your address, your birthday, what time zone you live in and what language(s) you use are your Private Data. We do not release your Private Data to anyone except in unusual circumstances (see below: “How Does theLearnia Share Your personal information? – Unusual Circumstances”).

Public Data

All of your other personal information in our possession is Public Data. Public Data may be included in your User-Generated Content – stuff that you post or upload onto this Website: files, video clips, courses, tutorials, comments, tests, questions, answers, chats and other instructional and educational materials.

If you are a Student, your Public data also includes the names of your friends, what teachers you follow, what lessons you have watched on this Website and similar information.

If you are a Teacher, your Public Data includes the number and the names of your Students and Teacher colleagues, what and how many lessons you have published on the Website and similar information such as communications with other colleagues and things you post on Graffiti.

Any information you provide when you contact colleagues and friends in our community, such as questions or comments, is also Public Data.

What we use your personal information for?

In general, theLearnia uses your personal information for the purpose of providing the information, services, and products you request and for the purpose of deciding what, if any, commercial opportunities we may offer you (tailored advertising). We may also use your contact information to correspond with you after you have expressed an interest in this Website or in one of our lessons, courses, programs, products, or services. Finally, we may use the personal information collected through this Website to improve our lessons, courses, programs, products, or services; to improve the content, functionality, navigation, and usability of this Website; to better understand your needs and interests; and to better market our programs, services, and products.

 Also, with our AdaptiveLMS™ (Learning Management System), we use personal information to maximize Students’ potential, lasting, educational benefits through theLearnia. AdaptiveLMS observes Students’ own activities on the Website, such as the videos they watch, the answers they give to questions, and the content of their chats.